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VOLTRX blender cups are the gift of modern mankind. This is why

by GuoxinWei on July 01, 2021

  Okay, let's get it straight. I love Soylint. I often use an electric protein mixer. Man, if you want to make your oster blender bottle better, you can talk to the Solent subreddit. This is a fact.

  Having said so much, they are very effective in mixing fine powders ;). Thick peanut butter mixes easily. I have not tried thicker than this. The spout is of moderate size and the bottle is suitable for drinking.

  Now there are some key feedbacks:

  Noise: They are noisy. The sloshing of the liquid and the rattling of the metal stirring ball can be heard, loudly. The flip lid makes a sharp click (close only when the lid is screwed on, which will be quieter). When you finish drinking, the ball will rattle. Idk, what are your expectations? Can't stop gravity, idiot.

  Seal: The safety seal inspires my confidence and allows me to throw a sealed best electric protein mixer that may be a quarter full into the back seat of the car. I know that it is 99% likely to be Gucci.

  Cleanliness: They are easy to wash and dry by hand (even if air-dried). However, some parts of the bottle are too small to be easily cleaned.

  Long wear: dark bottles, such as light purple/pink? A kind of wear is obvious, because the stress marks in the plastic show areas that are as bright as any other plastic. I don't think it matters. Plastic is a good material. Over time, the lid hinge on the top will become softer. If you drink a glass of wine at the end, and your milkshake splashes on your face, it will become very annoying. It hasn't happened many times so far, but I can say it's happening.

  [Some deeper feedback from BB, I have been turning around to turn off the flip side. In order to make the lid of the electric protein mixer cup not so loud, it is like drawing a can lid on the left and right sides]

  Now some companies think that their products have won the asking price, and some are correct. I think voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle is the latter.

  Good job, best electric protein shaker!