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voltrx protein bottle is doing well

by GuoxinWei on June 08, 2021

  My SO lost the ball in his previous electric shakers, so we used this instead of the electric blender bottle. This is very standard, and I would recommend it overall. This vibrator also ensures that everything you mix is very smooth. Sometimes I use it as one of my supplements (it doesn't taste good when caked), the smoothness of the mixture makes it a lot better. The size is also large-if I have to use the thing twice, this bottle can hold enough things (not skimp on liquids). As long as there is no super thick/powdery thing, let it stand, it is easy to clean the electric bottle shaker. It is also very convenient, so that we don’t have to clean the mixer every time he comes back from exercise.

  Excellent electric shaker bottle, very suitable for protein shake mixes. The electric shaker has been in use for several years and there are no problems or leaks after a few dishwasher cycles. highly recommended.