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VOLTRX protein shake blender has become a part of my life, it’s really good

by GuoxinWei on July 08, 2021

  The electric shaker bottle has great colors and is super cute. Compared with other protein shakes, it makes them fresh and unique. If you want to make a protein shake on the road, it has many small additional features, such as connectable compartments. I also put a little granola in the compartment and put yogurt in the bottle instead of milkshake. When I closed the lid correctly, it never splashed on me.

  Ppl buys things, hoping that the cheap products you buy can be guaranteed for life. Please come over. Some commentators complained that it broke down after two or three years. Really? Anyway. Really great. I hope the compartment is bigger, because my whey with creatine and maltose can't fit in completely. In general, the electric shaker bottle is really good. Not leaking, super good.

  When my sports bag was stolen, it was a substitute, so I already knew that the shaker bottle was great.

  I like the modular system, which allows me to take my protein with me and add it to the water when I’m ready.

  The only small disadvantage is that the ridges on the lid can easily stick the protein shakes inside. They need more than a sponge to clean (something like a toothbrush), otherwise the protein shaker bottle will start to smell.

  Generally speaking, my favorite voltrx electric protein shaker bottle.