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voltrx Shaker Bottle has a good foundation, increasing storage space

by GuoxinWei on May 07, 2021

  These are good basic protein shake blenders, used to mix powders into liquids. At the bottom is a container with its own lid to store the powder so you can take it with you and mix it later. Although I can't think of anything useful to me, my husband thinks it would be a good choice. The bottle does not need to store parts. The stirring ball is made of plastic. Although I think they are not as efficient as steel ball mixing, they do very well. The lid is closed tightly enough to swing, but opening/closing is not too difficult. In general, this is a good foundation, if you want to find a way to remove the powder first and then stir, this is very suitable.

ideal shake meal replacement

  Generally speaking, voltrx protein shake blender, these blender bottles are no problem. My main concern is that the top cap or foundation cap does not leak. In addition, they are durable enough, because I have not experienced any deformation of the dishwasher or cracking of the plastic casing when dropped.

  My only criticism is that the design of the vibrating ball is OK, because I often need to vibrate longer than the metal stirring vibrating ball. For micronized whey protein, although it can be mixed quickly.