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voltrx Shaker Bottle is simple, practical and cheap

by GuoxinWei on June 10, 2021

  A simple device has been recognized all over the world. I have no problem with breakfast shakes and protein shakes. As long as you shake enough, the fans will be mixed. When the lid is completely closed, there will be a loud and obvious "click" sound, so you shouldn't make a mess of yourself and the kitchen. I put a small carabiner on the lid so that I can easily hang the electric bottle opener on the bag.

  The item is exactly the same as the description. Good sealing and no leakage. I use protein shaker bottle to make protein powder milkshake, stir it evenly without lumps. Excellent structure and high quality. Great price. Satisfied with this glass shaker bottle.

  I am very satisfied with this electric shaker bottle product. It is practical, easy to carry, does not take up space, and is easy to clean. In addition to being splash-proof, this material feels very durable. In short, I will buy the second electric mixer bottle product from the seller and thank him for arriving in the time and form specified in the specifications.