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VOLTRX vs promixx

by GuoxinWei on September 22, 2021


  It's really good. Amazing the power of the electric blender bottle. Would definitely recommend it. I bought it because the mixer electric shaker bottle looks cool and it mixes well with protein shakes and stuff.

  I've been using the promixx miixr aa electric shaker bottle since it first came out. After my promixx broke, I finally switched to the VOLTRX and I was surprised how much better they are than the promixx ones.

  The battery lasts a long time and the material is non-porous. I think compared to my old profixx best electric blender bottle, this new amazon blender bottle 28 oz I bought doesn't smell at all. It blends very well and so far I have been using the portable electric protein shaker bottle every day for two months.