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Well done + powerful + value for money = like voltrx protein bottle

by GuoxinWei on May 05, 2021

  This family shakes a small blender bottle!

  mainly because they took them away when they moved...I used a lot of different kinds of things and these two small blender bottles from VOLTRX?

  the best.

  The reasons are as follows:

  -The vibrating screen ball is a solid molded smooth plastic without any parts

  -The screw at the bottom fixes the powder for transportation, and the connection is tight

  -The top is a blue 4-section compartment, which is used to store pills or small items, and can also be tightly connected

  -Great cover! Click to close, simple handle design

  -can hold 20 ounces. In a clean container (don't fall in love with colored containers, you can't see if they mix well in these containers)

  definitely recommend Voltrx shake bottle mixer, they got all the stars.