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What a great portable blender bottle!

by GuoxinWei on September 23, 2021


  This electric shaker machine is great. The way it produces the swirl tornado really blends anything you put in it. Easy to charge and super quiet when the motor is running.

  Blends great, not too heavy, but lasts a long time when charged. Very easy to clean. Quick charge, then turns itself off. Add a little more liquid than usual so it mixes well. The portable electric protein shaker bottle can mix your protein shakes without clumping. Virtually no noise and very portable.

  This electric blender water bottle is perfect for blending protein powders. I can make shakes at work (not too loud and quiet with the powder) or on the go easily.Also I had a problem with the electric blender bottle walmart not charging properly, but customer service was kind enough to solve my problem right away and send out a new electric shaker mixer. very happy with this product.