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What are the benefits of doing the lunge regularly

by GuoxinWei on June 21, 2021

  In the fitness movement, lunge is one of the very useful movements, of course the benefits of lunge is also a lot, but lunge is also a lot of attention, that what are the benefits of doing lunge, I believe there are still people who know what the benefits are. So, what are the benefits of doing lunge often? Here is a look at the lunge step.

  1. strengthen the balance

  Because the "lunge" is performed unilaterally, it is as effective as other unilateral training movements to train the body's balance, which is closer to daily activities and helps prevent injuries.

  2. Avoid pressure on the spine

  The "lunge" is usually with hands holding dumbbells and other leaning on the body double side, unlike other fitness movements like the upper body spine into pressure, so the "lunge" for the body strength without the foundation of fitness novices will be more suitable. Although we should not completely avoid pressure on the spine, because it will not make the spine related muscles stronger, but for newcomers to fitness or people who have had injuries should be safe first, and should occasionally let the spine to reduce pressure to help rejuvenate and avoid overwork.

  3. strengthen the core muscles

  The correct "lunge" should be to keep the upper body upright, and the whole person's muscles are tightened accordingly, helping to strengthen the stability of the core muscles, but also better prepared to deal with the large weight of fitness training.

  4. improve the use of hip muscles

  Some fitness professionals are unable to effectively exercise the hip muscles to highlight the thigh muscle line, probably because the hip flexors are overly tightened, and the correct "lunge" can balance this overly tightened state, thus improving the use of hip muscles.