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What are the classic movements of the middle triceps What are the most common dumbbell side planks

by GuoxinWei on May 17, 2021


  In muscle exercise, there are movements that target a certain part of the muscle, and there are also movements that can train multiple muscle groups. We have different movements for training different muscle groups. The middle deltoid is a movement that needs to be trained in isolation, and we need to train it with some specialized movements.

  What are the classic movements of the middle triceps?

  Dumbbell side planks

  The dumbbell side planks are a great way to stimulate your mid-bundle and help us develop the inverted triangle shape that every boy dreams of. If you can extend your shoulder width to the extreme, so that you can also give the impression that you have a very strong inverted triangle in the visual effect, it looks like the waist will also show thin. When you first come to the gym to practice side planks, you may only be able to perform very light weights, but don't give up, as time goes on you will be able to get on bigger weights. When it comes to dumbbell side planks, we can do decreases. It is the last set of unweighted side planks on the side planks that will be the last straw to crush your deltoid mid-bundle when you do decrement sets.

  Lateral planks with pullers

  If you choose only one side planks, we choose the puller side planks. Of course, the dumbbell side planks are more people is the movement of choice because countless studies have proven that dumbbell side planks activate the mid-bundle. But the dumbbell side planks cannot always maintain muscle tone (tone is important for muscles), and when the dumbbells rest on the sides of the legs, the muscle tone disappears, and only when lifted upward again is the mid-bundle activated again. The tensioner side planks, on the other hand, can always maintain tension because the resistance from the tensioner is lateral, unlike the dumbbells which are straight up and down. Because the muscles are always under tension, the exercise process will be more tiring.

  Upright Rowing

  Upright rowing is the only compound movement in the middle beam that can be a good workout if the movement is done correctly. Studies have shown that upright rowing can cause shoulder impingement, specifically in the form of shoulder pain, which is noticeable if you sleep on your side. When the upper arm is abducted to 60° to 80°, there will be significant pain, and sometimes the shoulder joint can feel stuck by the "object" and can not continue to lift. According to a research paper by the American Physical Fitness Association, the upright row can still be done by adjusting some details to avoid shoulder impingement. First: keep the barbell close to the body; second: use the elbows to generate power, not the wrists; third: since the angle of shoulder impingement usually peaks at 70-120°, just keep the upright rowing action at 90°, which means the elbows are the same width as the shoulders; fourth: a grip 1-1.5 times wider than the narrow grip and shoulder-width grip can better activate the mid-bundle power.