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What are the high intensity cardio endurance training movements

by GuoxinWei on July 07, 2021

  The human body needs the oxygen supply support of cardiorespiratory function when exercising, if the cardiorespiratory function is weak, it affects its own training. Performing cardiorespiratory endurance exercise allows us to adapt to various intensity of running training and competition, reducing the risk of cardiac arrest. So do you know those high-intensity cardio endurance training movements? Let's go through them together!

  Three moves to exercise cardiorespiratory endurance

  The first move: open and close jump

  Action essentials: keep the body upright, head up and chest out, hands naturally hanging on both sides of the body. Jump upward with force, while the feet open to the sides. The palms of the hands should be facing down at the beginning, in the process of jumping upward can slowly turn palms facing forward. Cross your hands back and forth when you jump to the highest point, at this time your hands and legs should be straight, and your knees should not be bent. Return to the ground, note that the toes should land first while the knees are slightly bent, and so on. Frequency: 30 times

  The second move: high leg jump

  Action essentials: hands crossed waist, upper body straight, look straight ahead, feet upright, first lift the right foot so that the thigh and calf at right angles, and then the right foot down stirrups left foot up, left foot thigh and calf also at right angles, in this position two feet alternately in situ running. In the process of running in situ high leg, the upper body should always be kept straight. Each exercise time in about five minutes, the exercise frequency of about 50 times per minute, according to their own physical condition, from slow to fast gradually advance. Frequency: 15 times

  The third move: deep squat jump

  Squat to thighs parallel to the floor, chest up, eyes to the front; deep squatting, arms straight out in front, jumping, arms thrown behind; jump the higher the better, exhale when jumping, landing gently, to have a buffer; deep squatting, the heels do not lift.