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What are the strength exercises you can do at home

by GuoxinWei on June 07, 2021

  Nowadays, more and more people like to exercise. Of course, a person who exercises regularly can bring a lot of benefits. When exercising, it is important to choose the right exercise. For example, some exercises can be practiced at home. You can practice outdoors. What are the strength exercises that can be done at home? If you want to know, you can take a look.

  weight-bearing hip bridge

  Raise the legs and lie flat on the yoga mat. At this time, we put the weight on our waist and abdomen. At the beginning of the action, our waist and abdomen were tightened and exerted force so that our hips could leave the ground and slowly move up so that our waists could also leave the ground. Until we only have our back and feet touching the ground, and the rest of the body forms an arc. Insist on the exercise for 30 seconds as a group, and perform 3 groups every day.


  Grasp the pole with both hands, the distance between the hands should be shoulder-width apart, keep the body hanging naturally, and leave the feet off the ground. At this time, when we adjust our physical state, we exert force on our hands, chest and back so that our body can move upwards and our chin can exceed the position of a single pole. Then we can relax our body naturally downwards and restart the movement. Each movement can be completed for 15%. One group, stick to 2~3 groups.

  Dumbbell Asuka

  Sit up straight on the stool with our legs open. At this moment, we straighten our chest and abdomen, hold a dumbbell in each hand, and place our arms on the base of our thighs. When we adjust the state, let our hands start from our chest position and open to the sides, until our hands are open and our arms are straight. Then retract both hands to our chest position, adjust the state and restart the exercise. Complete 30 at a time as a group, and perform 3 groups at a time.

  push ups

  The palms of both hands and feet touch the ground, keeping our bodies parallel to the ground and in a state of balance. At this time, we press the elbows down so that the body can be as close to the ground as possible. At this time, we raise some elbows and let the body go up a little bit, thus starting to do push-ups. Insist on completing 30 sets, 2~3 sets each time. This exercise mainly exercises our arm strength and chest muscles, which can reduce fat in our arms, chest, chest and back.