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What is the correct way to lean over Asuka

by GuoxinWei on June 12, 2021

  Speaking of leaning over the bird, many people are familiar with it, and in fitness exercises, leaning over the bird is also a well-known movement. Of course, there are many benefits of leaning over the bird, but if you want to have these benefits, the correct method is It's important, but many people don't know how to practice leaning over asuka. So, what is the correct way to lean over Asuka? Let's take a look at the leaning bird.

  The correct way to lean over Asuka

  1. Starting position

  When doing this sport, we have to separate our feet, and the width between our feet is the same width as our shoulders. The next two new hands are to face each other, and then to be able to exercise the back of the deltoid muscle and the upper part of the back muscles. First, we hold the dumbbells first, and then the upper body is bent forward to be parallel to the ground. The two legs can be slightly bent, so that the lower part of our back does not have any tension.

  2. Action essentials

  Next, we must do the exercise essentials after the initial posture. At the beginning, we need to lift the dumbbells in both hands, straight up to the side, almost parallel to the back or slightly over the back, then stop, and then Then slowly restore the dumbbell to its original position. However, when doing repetitive movements, raise your elbows, that is, you must first lift and stretch your elbows to start. When doing these movements, you must put your own elbows. The three joints of the shoulder, elbow and wrist should be stretched and contracted. Try to be straight and bend in the process, and be retracted in the middle. It is the highest state to be able to exert strength and connotation. And we must concentrate our minds in the process of doing this exercise, it is best not to use force to complete this action, and also to inhale when opening the arms, and exhale when closing the arms. .

  Common mistakes of leaning over Asuka

  1. Exercise with elbow bend

  When we are doing dumbbell fly training, one of the most common mistakes is that we like to bend the elbows for training. If we want to have a good training effect, we should let our shoulders and the back of the deltoid muscles fully exert force, so that the muscles have sufficient contraction force. So when training, we need to keep our elbow joints straight, otherwise elbow flexion training will make the back muscles take a large part of the force, which will affect the training effect of the arm muscles.

  2. Large movement range

  Although it is said that when training, the movement range is larger, there will be a bonus effect on the training effect. But for some novices, because their movement essentials are not very familiar, if the movement range is too large, it is easy to rely on the swinging inertia of the arm for training. Such training methods will not only greatly reduce the training effect of training, but also easily have an adverse effect on the body and muscles. Therefore, we recommend choosing a suitable training range to ensure the safety of training.