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What kind of existence is the transverse abdominal muscle?

by GuoxinWei on September 17, 2021


  If we know more about the structure of the abdominal muscles, we must know the transverse abdominal muscle. Then it's time to say specifically.

  What is the transverse abdominal muscle, if you have read my detailed description of the abdominal muscle group, it must know what is going on. Specifically, the entire abdominal wall is divided into two separate structures, which of course serve different purposes. The anterior abdominal wall contains one muscle, which is located on the surface of our body and is commonly referred to as the "abdominal muscle", which is actually called the rectus abdominis. The other part is the lateral abdominal wall (the upper part of the waist on both sides of the body), which actually contains three layers of muscles. The outermost layer is the external oblique abdominal muscle, the middle layer is the internal oblique abdominal muscle and the innermost layer is the transverse abdominal muscle.

  The transversus abdominis is the innermost broad muscle of the abdominal wall. It is the deepest and thinnest of the abdominal broad muscles and its muscle fibers are horizontally distributed. Again, it is the innermost muscle of the oblique abdominal muscle.

  We already know where the transversus abdominis is located, so it's time to be clear about what it does. The transversus abdominis is one of the deeper muscles important for maintaining the stability of the spine. Its transverse fibers form a wide "protective belt" directly around the abdominal spine, which assists in breathing and controlling spinal motion. Most of the body's movement is a whole body movement involving multiple joints and muscle groups. In the process of movement, the core area where the transverse abdominis is located is the hub of movement for the limbs and head.

  To create an inverted triangle body, to create a "narrower" waist is indispensable, then the tight abdomen, it is necessary to exercise the transverse abdominal muscle, which has a role in the tightening of the waist. Of course it is necessary to get rid of waist and abdominal fat, but a strong transverse abdominal muscle is obviously more protective. So transverse abdominal muscle training can be said to be a "universal" for men and women, then the most common is the flat support. Each training adhere to three minutes, more than three times a week training can be better training transverse abdominal muscle. If you can't insist on three minutes, you should train to the best of your ability and gradually increase the amount.

  Here is a look at how to practice flat support? The correct flat support action, the person's head, shoulders, back, buttocks and legs in the same plane, "like a steel plate," the waist, abdominal and hip muscle groups work collectively to maintain this plane state, you can choose the difficulty of kneeling or knee tightening, toes on the ground of high difficulty. But be sure to pay attention to the plane of the back, shoulders and hips, as well as the power of the lumbar abdomen.