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What muscles does the kettlebell swing exercise?

by GuoxinWei on June 08, 2021

  In exercise, kettlebell swing is an effective exercise. Of course, it is good to practice kettlebell swing for a long time. However, kettlebell swing is also a bit particular, but many people don't know what part of kettlebell swing exercises. So, what muscles does the kettlebell swing exercise? Let's take a look at what parts to exercise.

  What part of the kettlebell swing exercise

  When you perform the Huling swing movement, the gluteal muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps, lower back, shoulders, arms and core muscles can be effectively trained.

  How to do kettlebell swing

  1. Stand with your feet open, keep your back straight, hold the kettlebell with both hands and place it in front of your body.

  2. Inhale, the kettlebell drops to the hip, exhale, buttocks push up the kettlebell.

  3. Let the kettlebell swing to the chest naturally and proceed again.

  Kettlebell swing motion feeling

  There is a clear sense of force in the buttocks.

  Common mistakes of kettlebell swing

  Error: Lift the kettlebell with the strength of your arm.

  Solution: Relax your arms and don't hold them too tightly, and push your buttocks up the kettlebell.

  Kettlebell swing precautions

  1. Keep your back flat, remember not to round your back, and your spine is hyperextensive.

  2. Keep your eyes on the trajectory of Hu Ling

  3. Stand with your feet and use your hip joints to exert force.  When you want to swing the kettlebell up, the gluteal muscles and hamstrings must be clamped, and the abdomen must be tightened. The feeling of exerting force is the same as pushing forward. The swing makes the kettlebell go up.