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Why do I like to use protein mixer bottle electric?

by GuoxinWei on January 23, 2022


Protein shakes the cup and flies 20 hours (round trip) in checked luggage. It's very powerful. Protein shake water bottles can stay powered up for days. It blends instantly and looks gorgeous, especially when blended because the light show is so mesmerizing. I have had some good reviews abroad. I recommend it to everyone.

I love the super powerful little mixing bottle that creates smooth mixtures without the annoying "stir balls"! The automix bottle is rechargeable, so no batteries are required. Can be charged for a long time! Easy to clean and the lid is exactly as advertised!

Shaker protein bottles do things very short, even multiple scoops of the mix! I have tried other electronic mixer bottles but have been disappointed so have been using the traditional shaker. While trouble followed, the automatic blender made me remove all my old milkshake bottles! If you drink a lot of protein shakes before your workout and have been taking other supplements, you should definitely get yourself an automatic blender!

My protein shake bottle now has a permanent home in my gym bag, right before my protein powder and gym! I always take the miixr electric shaker with me when I go to the gym! Buy yourself one today.